Side Scan Sonar – Level I

Side Scan Sonar – Level I



Have you ever wanted to learn how the professionals do an underwater search for a ship, aircraft or other lost items? This course is intended to give the student an introduction to concepts and techniques of using side scan sonar equipment.

Instructor:  Ken McMillan, President of McQuest Marine, holds a PHD Sciences with over 30 years of experience in marine and land surveys across the globe.  Ken is a graduate of University of Waterloo.

Topics taught include:

Lochness SBP 12

1) Basics of Sonar Principles

2) Types of Side Scan Sonar

3) Basic Underwater Acoustics

4) Interpretation of Side scan Sonar Records

5) Navigation and Search Patterns

6) Research & Licensing

7) Question & Answer Period


Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will have introductory information to:

 Understand what type of equipment is best suited for your search

 Understand how the sonar image is created when doing target detection

 Plan a search and search area

 How to research a project and obtain licensing for a search


For more information on this course please contact Walther Irie

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