R.O.V. Team



Since being donated to the team in 2013, our ROV Team has been employing the SeaSmart Shadow 300.  The main use is for aircraft searches, as well as pilot and technical training.  The technology is now considered ‘outdated’ but the results are still positive.  The addition of a SportScan sonar has enabled the vehicle to expand its targeting ability beyond the range of its camera and has made underwater searches in low visibility conditions much easier.

In 2014 the team decided that an update to the vehicle was plausible and worth investigating.  Hoping to create a smaller system footprint and a more energy efficient vehicle, a ‘wish-list’ was created by the team.  The main effort is to transfer from an analog system to one more digitized.  This has now become a project in partnership with the University of Waterloo.

In addition to the SeaSmart vehicle we also have two DART vehicles that we are hoping to restore.