Opening the SeaDoo GTI Scooter

So the first thing we should look at is the “brains” of the scooter (aka the PC Circuit Board) to see if it damaged. I’ll need to remove the bottom portion of the battery compartment to gain access to the PC Board that is inside. This was accomplished by removing three little rubber plugs with needle nose pliers to reveal the screws that secured the bottom portion of the battery tray to the scooter housing. In the picture above you can see that I have removed the plugs and screws located at the bottom of the battery compartment. These are only screws you need to remove.

The next step was to get the bottom portion of the battery compartment out of the scooter. I found that this takes some muscle to overcome the outer seals and the circuit board may have also corroded at the plug. Take a large set of pliers and pull on the plastic tab located close to where the battery cables go into the unit.  You may need several good hard pulls to get the bottom portion of the battery compartment to come out. It also help bracing the unit in between my legs as I gave on good hard pull to get this to pop out.PliersRemoving bottom portion

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