Looking at the Sea Scooter PC Circuit Board

Here is that bottom portion of the battery storage area after you have pulled it. You can see the grey o-ring that is meant to keep the water out and the PC Circuit Board that is attached to the side of it. The next image is the bottom of the battery compartment and you can see the two small screws at the bottom that hold in the PC Circuit Board. Remove the screws and the stoppers holding the circuit board. Remember to keep things organized so you know where the parts go back on and which screws to use. I make it a habit to reinstall the little holders and screw after I removed the board so they won’t get lots on my work desk or worse the carpet.

Now feed the battery cables from the other side to push the circuit board out. After getting the PC Board out I could see a lot of corrosion on the back of the board near the connector (see top photo). So I decided to order a new one from ScooterMotion.

It took about two weeks for the part to arrive and after I installed the new PC Board the scooter and it still won’t run. So this unit had more problems then I anticipated! So I needed to dig further into this unit to find the problem.

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  1. I have a zap balamar seascooter with circuit boatd full corrosion for a mistake. What circuit board replacement for the sea scooter ??? Thanks

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