Let’s look at the connector

When I had taken the battery compartment I noticed that telltale sign of green corrosion on the connectors for the PC Circuit Board. I did clean them with contact cleaner hoping this is all that I needed to do. So I took a Remove Bottom Screwspen light to take a close look at the connection and could see what looked like a small wire broken free. This meant I was going to need to solder the wire but that was easier said then done. This involved removing the screws in the inner section that attached it to the motor compartment. This is necessary so that you can feed the wires thru the bottom.

Once you remove the six screw you can lift the middle section off the motor compartment. You will need to remove the hot glue off the wires there were used to seal the middle compartment. Next remove the two screw (near the connector) that holds the bottom ring in the middle section. You should be able to lift the ring out by gently pulling the wires with it.

About Walther Irie

Walt has been a member of the museum and Chairman of the CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team since 2001.

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