How to repair a SeaDoo GTI Sea Scooter

Having already one of these scooters I was hoping to acquire a second one that could be used by anyone that I went diving with. I often find that I’m not using mine as most of the divers I know don’t have one. That being said I decided to try my luck buying a used one from eBay as these are expensive to buy new. I did find a used unit that the seller claimed had not run for three years and didn’t have a battery to test it so it was being sold “AS IS”. I won the bid (paid a little more then I wanted) and waited for my package to arrive and looking forward to doing a scooter dive with my step son. Well the day came when my package arrived and I opened it like a kid on Christmas day. The scooter looked good on the outside (few scratches) and came with all the accessories (carry bag, charger, air pump and silicone gel). The one thing that struck me as odd was the water leaking from it. Not a good sign for my new purchase!
I took the battery from my current scooter which I knew worked to try on this unit. I hooked up the battery, pressed the triggers and NOTHING! Yup this unit was dead on arrival so now I need to fix it. I was surprised by how little information there is on the internet for repairing these things. That being said I decided my next step was repair it and to share my experience on this blog so others can learn from my experience (probably what not to do!). Before you read further I must give a disclaimer that I do not have any experience in repairing sea scooters of any manufacture and I’m only writing this blog to share my experience with others that have been frustrated in repairing a sea scooter of this type.
So lest’s begin the journey!

About Walther Irie

Walt has been a member of the museum and Chairman of the CHAA Aircraft Recovery Team since 2001.

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